• Issues

    Vibrant. Volume 19

    Global Anthropological Dialogues – Dossier Reflections On Anthropological Practice Around The World
    Dossier Indigenous Peoples, Tribunals, Prisons, And Legal And Public Processes In Brazil And Canada
    Covid-19 In Brazil

    Vibrant. Volume 18

    “Flows, Circulations And Their Opposites: Ethnographic Perspectives And Theoretical-Methodological Challenges – Places And Circulations”
    “Indigenous Peoples, tribunals, prisons, and legal and public processes in Brazil and Canada”
    Global Anthropological Dialogues – Dossier “Anthropology On Latin America And The Caribbean Today: New Theoretical And Methodological Challenges”

    Vibrant. Volume 17

    “Anthropology in times of intolerance: challenges facing neoconservatism”
    “Flows, Circulations and their Opposites: Ethnographic Perspectives and Theoretical-Methodological Challenges”
    “Caribbean Routes: Ethnographic Experiences, Theoretical Challenges, and the Production of Knowledge”

    Vibrant. Volume 16

    Dossier “Safeguarding, its Genealogy and Governance. Two Essays on UNESCO’s Convention for the Safeguarding of Intangible Cultural Heritage”

    Vibrant. Volume 15. Number 3

    September  to December 2018
    Dossier “Gramáticas de la (¿post?) violencia: identidades, guerras, cuerpos y fronteras”

    Vibrant. Volume 15. Number 2

    May to August 2018
    Dossier “Fighting for Indigenous Lands in Modern Brazil. The reframing of cultures and identities”


    Vibrant. Volume 15. Number 1

    January to April 2018
    Dossier “The Urban Peripheries”


    Vibrant. Volume 14. Number 3

    September to December 2017
    Dossier “The Urban Peripheries”


    Vibrant. Volume 14. Number 2

    May to August 2017
    Dossier “Mining, violence and resistance”


    Vibrant. Volume 14. Number 1

    January to April 2017
    Dossier “Ritual and Performance”


    Vibrant. Volume 13. Number 2

     July to December 2016
    Dossier “Animals in anthropology”

    Vibrant. Volume 13. Number 1

     January to June 2016
    Dossier “Ageing and Anthropology”

    Vibrant. Volume 12. Number 2

     July to December 2015
    Dossier “Anthropology and education”

    Yvonne Maggie, Helena Sampaio, Ana Pires do Prado

    Vibrant. Volume 12. Number 1

    January to June 2015
    Dossier “Health/illness, biosocialities and culture”

    Carlos Guilherme do Valle, Sahra Gibbon

    Vibrant. Volume 11. Number 2

    July to December 2014
    Dossier “Religion and Ethnicity”

    Guest Editors: Editors: Lorenzo Macagno e Cristina Pompa

    Vibrant. Volume 11. Number 1

    January to June 2014
    Dossier “Ethnographies of economy/ics”

    Guest Editors: Eugênia Motta, Federico Neiburg, Fernando Rabossi and Lúcia Müller

    Vibrant. Volume 10. Number 2

    July to December 2013
    Dossier “Migration and Exile”

    Guest Editors: Bela Feldman-Bianco, Liliana Sanjurjo, Desirée Azevedo & Douglas Mansur da Silva

    Vibrant. Volume 10. Number 1

    January to June 2013
    Dossier “Cultural Heritage and Museums”

    Guest Editors: Antonio Arantes and Antonio Motta

    Vibrant. Volume 9. Number 2

    July to December 2012
    Dossier “Visual Anthropology”

    Guest Editors: Cornelia Eckert and Ana Luiza Carvalho da Rocha

    Vibrant. Volume 9. Number 1

    January to June 2012
    Dossier “Challenges in Brazilian Anthropology”

    Guest Editor: Bela Feldman-Bianco

    Dossier “Anthropology, Cooperation and Development”

    Guest Editors: Omar Ribeiro Thomaz and Sebastião Nascimento

    Vibrant. Volume 8. Number 2

    July to December 2011
    “Anthropology of Kinship”

    Guest Editors: Márcio Silva, Adriana Piscitelli

    “Urban Anthropology”

    Guest Editors: Gilberto Velho, Karina Kuschnir

    Vibrant. Volume 8. Number 1

    January to June 2011
    “Music and Anthropology in Brazil”

    Guest Editors: Carlos Sandroni, Hermano Vianna, Rafael José de Menezes Bastos

    Vibrant. Volume 7. Number 2

    July to December 2010
    “Anthropology and Violence”

    Guest Editor: Alba Zaluar

    Vibrant. Volume 7. Number 1

    January to June 2010
    “Religion and Sexual Diversity”

    Guest Editors: Miriam Grossi, Peter Fry e Marcelo Natividade

    Vibrant. Volume 6. Number 2

    July to December 2009
    “Anthropology of Sport”

    Guest Editors: Carmen Rial e Simoni Lahud Guedes

    Vibrant. Volume 6. Number 1

    January to June 2009
    “Globalization and Circulation”

    Guest Editors: Bela Feldman-Bianco, Carmen Rial e Gustavo Lins Ribeiro

    Vibrant. Volume 5. Number 2

    July to December 2008
    “South-South Anthropology”

    Guest Editor: Kelly A. Silva

    Vibrant. Volume 5. Number 1

    January to June 2008
    “Race, ethnicity and policy”

    Editor: Peter Fry

    Vibrant. Volume 4. Number 2

    July to December 2007
    “Brazilian anthropologists in English-speaking countries”

    Editor: Peter Fry

    Vibrant. Volume 4. Number 1

    January to June 2007
    “Brazilian anthropologists in France, 2”

    Editor: Carmen Rial

    Vibrant. Volume 3. Number 2

    July to December 2006
    “Brazilian anthropologists in France, 1”

    Editor: Carmen Rial

    Vibrant. Volume 3. Number 1

    January to June 2006
    “Conferences given at the 25th Meeting of the Brazilian Anthropological Association (ABA)”

    Editor: ABA

    Vibrant. Volume 2. Number 1/2

    January to December 2005

    Vibrant. Volume 1. Number 1/2

    January to December 2004