• Vibrant Issue: v.14 n.2 – 05-08/2017

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    Dossier “Mining, violence and resistance”

    • Introduction
      Anthropology and knowledge production in a ‘minefield’
      Andréa Zhouri


    Part 1

    The Samarco mining disaster – affectations, resistance, policies

    • “It was no accident!”
      The place of emotions in the mobilization of people affected by the collapse of Samarco’s tailings dam in Brazil
      Cristiana Losekann


    Part 2

    Mining, Violence and Knowledge

    • Supposed Impacts, Real Violence
      the construction of reality in the implementation of the Minas-Rio Project
      Ana Flávia Moreira Santos; Luciana da Silva Sales Ferreira; Vinicius Villela Penna
    • Mining-Railroad-Port
      “at the end of the line”, a city in question
      Horácio Antunes de Sant’Ana Júnior; Elio de Jesus Pantoja Alves