• Vibrant Issue: v.14 n.3 – 09-12/2017

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    Dossier “The Urban Peripheries”

    • Presentation
      Challenges from Peripheries
      Neiva Vieira da Cunha, Jussara Freire, Hélio R. S. Silva

    I – State violence: militarization of urban peripheries and ‘pacification apparatus’

    • Our Dead Can Speak:
      Social Displacements, Affects, and Political Action in Comparative Perspective
      Liliana Sanjurjo
    • Violent action among friends:
      an ethnographic reflection on processes of moral and emotional perceptions and justifications of conduct
      Mauro Guilherme Pinheiro Koury, Raoni Borges Barbosa

    II – Socio-spatial sexualities and agency: gender and feminine power field