• Lastest Issue v.17 – 2020

    • From food to offspring:
      engagement between humans and sea turtles in two communities on the north coast of Espírito Santo
      Davi Scárdua Fontinelli, Eliana Santos Junqueira Creado
    • On Faith and Miracle:
      A Cosmological Perspective on Faith and Miracle as ‘Social Categories of Understanding’ in Brazilian Catholicism
      Mísia Lins Reesink

    Anthropology in times of intolerance:
    challenges facing neoconservatism

    Caribbean Routes: Ethnographic Experiences,
    Theoretical Challenges, and the Production of Knowledge

      Expériences et dynamiques de la mobilité haïtienne
      Mélanie Montinard
    • Travellers of the Caribbean:
      Positioning Brasília in Haitian migration routes
      through Latin America
      Gustavo Dias, João Carlos Jarochinski Silva, Sidney Antonio da Silva
    • (Extra)ordinary help:
      untold stories on disaster and generosity in Grand’Anse, Haiti
      Ana Elisa de Figueiredo Bersani

    Déjà Lu