• Vibrant v.15 n.3 – 09-12/2018

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    Gramáticas de la (¿post?) violencia:
    identidades, guerras, cuerpos y fronteras
    Adriana M. Villalón; Natalia Cabanillas (orgs.)

    • Akroá-Gamella:
      territorial struggles and narratives of violence in the Baixada Maranhense
      Caroline Leal
    • Land as Home:
      Women, Life and Violence in Land Conflicts
      Dibe Ayoub
    • Our dead and disappeared:
      reflections on the construction of the notion of political disappearance in Brazil
      Desirée de Lemos Azevedo
    • For Human Rights:
      Constructing the multinational Brčko District in Bosnia and Herzegovina
      Andréa Carolina Schvartz Peres
    • ‘Scientific torture’?
      Scientism and the marks of torture inside a police station in Belo Horizonte, Brazil
      Pedro Fermín Maguire; Denise Neves Batista Costa
    • The Guarani Farm:
      indigenous narratives about removal, reclusion and escapes during the military dictatorship in Brazil
      Celeste Ciccarone