• Juliana B. Dias, Omar R. Thomaz, Wilson T. Filho, Brazilian Anthropologists in Africa

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    DIAS, Juliana B.; THOMAZ, Omar R.; FILHO, Wilson T. Brazilian Anthropologists in Africa: Remarks on Theory, Politics and Fieldwork Overseas. in: Vibrant – Virtual Brazilian Anthropology, v. 5, n. 2. July to December 2008. Brasília, ABA. Available at http://www.vibrant.org.br/issues/v5n2/juliana-b-dias-omar-r-thomaz-wilson-t-filho-brazilian-anthropologists-in-africa/


    In the last few years, studies that have African countries as their scenario are becoming a regular element of the anthropology produced by Brazilian scholars or by those that have ties of some nature with Brazilian institutions. The potentialities, challenges and tensions that have permeated such experiences are here taken as objects of reflection by a group of anthropologists. This work does not constitute a homogeneous narrative. It is rather a series of remarks, organized around common themes. The debate is inspired by a variety of issues such as: the cultural diversity of African populations and the difficulties in conceiving of a Brazilian style of anthropology in construction in and about the PALOP; the place occupied by the Portuguese language in research experiences; and the way in which research investments oriented by the South-South agenda are situated within a broader system of power relations.

    Keywords: Brazilian anthropology, Africa, research challenges