• José Tomasini Castro, “What’s your Nation?”

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    CASTRO, José Tomasini. “What’s your Nation?”: Nationalist Itineraries in Namibian History. in: Vibrant – Virtual Brazilian Anthropology, v. 5, n. 2. July to December 2008. Brasília, ABA. Available at http://www.vibrant.org.br/issues/v5n2/jose-tomasini-castro-whats-your-nation/


    The purpose of this paper is to reflect upon the historic constructions of different concepts of “nationalism” defended and grasped during the history of Namibia. Starting with the first years of German colonialization, passing through the South African government and ending with indepen- dence in 1990, I will highlight some aspects of Namibian history that can help me better understand the empirical contours I encountered during my field-work. To do so, I consider an specific ethnographic experience through a historical analysis, and make some considerations about the correspondences of Anthropology and the study of African States

    Keywords: Nationalism, Namibia, Anthropology, African States